10 Reasons Why I Don’t Want Another Child

My son is going to be 3 years old this September, and I often get asked the question “When are you having another one?” And my reply is always “Oh no no no, no more kids for this girl!” “I learned my lesson the 1st time.”


My Sweet November- When you meet “The One” You’ll Know

“They” have always told me, “When you meet the ‘Right One’ you will know!” “They” could never tell me HOW. But insisted that I would know with every inch of my being.

This is my story of how I met ‘The One’ and how I “Just Knew”!


Self Care Tips For Moms Who Suck At It

It doesn’t matter if you have one child or six of those little fuckers running around. Self care should be your first priority! Yeah yeah, everyone says that your child should be at the top of your list, but in all honesty, you can’t make sure anyone else is OK unless you are OK!